Wednesday, December 16, 2015

More Cement Sculpture Abstracts

I just submitted these images for one call to artist and am thinking of submitting some of them to yet another art competition.  These are produced using digital images taken of the cement sculptures in the Cornell Plantations.  I then digitally dissect the images with Photoshop tools and can produce a variety of montages to be printed on paper or canvas. These can be printed in a variety of sizes and would be a strong statement in an office.  The images are bold and unique.  Which ones are your favorites?

Saturday, November 28, 2015

Cement Sculpture Abstracts

In 1963, senior Architecture Students at Cornell University were given an assignment by their professor to develop massive cement sculptures.  Jack Squires was well liked and a visionary.  The students financed the sculptures that ended up in what is now the Arboretum of the Cornell Plantations. For many years, they were abandoned in a unkempt field, but later became recognized during the expansion of the Plantation.

I enjoy photographing the original sculptures, which I then use to construct my Cement Sculpture Abstracts. These abstracts have been printed on both fine art paper and canvas.  This past summer, I was thrilled to be a participant in the Agora Gallery Fine Arts Competition in Chelsea.  They wrote a very fine description of my pieces that were shown in the gallery in August.

Resting at the junction of the organic and the impossible, Nancy V. Ridenour's photomontages exhibit an overall sense of tranquility and compositional foresight. She emphasizes the beauty and diversity in architectural subjects. Ridenour's works, in their complexity and arrangement, evoke the work of Jacobo Borges, the neo-figurative Latin American painter. Through the juxtaposition of light and texture devoid of physical context, Ridenour urges viewers to reorient themselves, to grasp the possibility in the work, and ultimately attain serenity and a deep sense of pleasure in her subjects. In addition to her architectural themes, Nancy also frequently favors floral motifs and subjects.

Here are the selected pieces at Agora during the opening night.

These constructs are bold and fit into any space:  home, office, museum.  Here are some other examples to enjoy.  Try to imagine them in  your space, welcoming guests to enjoy them.

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Florida Birds

The Florida birds are delightful to photograph!  I can approach them within a reasonable distance and capture their beauty with a 70-300 mm zoom lens.  Can you picture one of these on your wall, boldly inviting friends to sit and enjoy?  There are some mock up room designs to give you an idea of what the birds would look like on the wall.  Each can be printed and framed or printed on canvas and stretched.

Saturday, November 21, 2015

The days are shorter and colder in November.  I just went out to photograph the lotus pond with its dry leaves and pods drooping with memories of a vibrant summer.  The contrast is poignant between the lush summer and the dormant fall and winter. Soon, everything will be decomposed and only the pods on their stalks will remain.  Looking forward to next spring and summer and the return of the lush lotus.  These beautiful flowers make a wonderful statement on the wall of your home or office. They draw you into the room and celebrate their beauty.

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Dynamic Dahlias!

Dahlias are delicious to enjoy!  A friend gave me some Karma Dahlias and they have performed very well, with firm stems that keep the flower upright to enjoy, use in a vase, or to photograph.  Dahlia images can awaken your home or office and make a bold statement:  "Look at me!  I am gorgeous!" These images print well on paper and canvas.  Let me know if you would like one for your home or office.

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Lotus Studios and the Lotus flower

The lotus flower is beautiful, silk like, and delicate. It is a spiritual flower in many Asian countries and is closely associated with the Buddha image. I have a lotus pond behind my home in Ithaca that developed from six original plants about 15 years ago. From July through September, the leaves and flowers gently move with the breezes and are very spiritual in their presence.
The images here show the lotus pond with mature flowers and iconic pods, a lotus "montage" produced from selected parts of many flowers and leaves, a Buddha image combined with lotus parts, and a macro image of a lotus flower. These images as themselves or in combination would enhance your home or office, providing a tranquil invitation to enter the space.
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