Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Old Houses and New Stories

I went on a road trip with a photography group generated from a TC3 class in photography. We drove from Ithaca to Clifton Springs, stopping along the way to shoot interesting sites. These following photos were taken on Route 96 near Interlaken, NY and reflect a complex life spent over the years. What are the stories told in the buildings, the cars, the trucks, and the tractors?  Why did someone leave these behind?  There must be stories to tell, but where does one find the information?  It was fun to speculate and to capture the images for reflection.  Any of these images can be printed on fine art paper or canvas.  Let me know if you are interested (nridenour@twcny.rr.com).

Focus on Florida Birds

For the past several years, Sam and I have spent at least a month in January enjoying the weather, golf, and birds of Florida.  I have upgraded my camera and lens to better achieve the quality of photo that I desire. Right now, I am using a Canon EOS6D Camera and a 400mm fixed lens. That camera and lens have allowed me to obtain close-up photos of some of the lovely birds on the West Coast of Florida.  The follow birds were taken on Marco Island, Siesta Key, Venice Rookery, and at a bird sanctuary near Clearwater, Florida.  All of these can be printed, framed, or printed on canvas for anyone interested in purchasing them. Just let me know (nridenour@twcny.rr.com)

Philadelphia Flower Show, 2017

Have you ever been to the Philadelphia Flower Show?  Each year in early March, they produced a themed show. This year, the theme was "The Netherlands", with tons and tons of tulips.  If you think about the amount of effort and flowers that go into such a show, it is staggering.  There is a main display focused on the theme, as seen in these photos. There are then smaller shows, such as that of orchids, and many specialty areas with flower arrangements by single people or flower clubs.  There are also many vendors selling a wide variety of items, from bulbs from the Netherlands to jewelry.  Put it on your calendar another year! Any of these images can be printed on fine art paper or canvas.  Let me know if you are interested (nridenour@twcny.rr.com)